About the Artist

Gabriele Rose de Ginant has been working as an artist for over 20 years. She is best known and loved for her enchanting writings and illustrations of fairytales. Her great love and understanding for awe-inspiring scenery -- be it landscapes, oceans or architecture -- is evident in all her creations, especially in her new book ROSABELLA, which has been turned into a classical Ballet and filmed on a state of the art soundstage... While her work is very delicate and detailed, it also has a wonderfully uplifting strength and visual poetry… A beautiful new book SNOW FLOWER, in the artists same style, filled with magic and enchantment, adorned with soft, glowing illustrations to ponder and dream...

Gabriele holds a Bachelor of Science in Studio Arts and a Masters and Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Science. Over the years she has served as teacher and counselor, and has been honored with numerous awards in a variety of her creative works. Much of her earlier work is signed Gabriele Rose West, particularly greeting cards and dolls. Look for these items in retail stores nationwide.

From her wooded studio in the mountains above Santa Barbara, Gabriele continues to inspire with her creative works, echoing the beauty and magic of the Europe she grew up in….

Gabriele currently has a wonderful French Country gift line that is available in retail stores and catalogues nationwide.

Hand-Painted Signs
Sacred Paintings
Fairy Tales
Illustrated Books
Greeting Cards


Email: gabrieledeginant@gmail.com

Old-Fashioned Phone: (661) 823-0192